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Thursday, March 6, 2014

5 Tips for the Greatest, Greenest Smoothie

I know green smoothies are kind of overdone, but I really do like them. I love the idea of getting in a bunch of fruits & veggies with hardly any prep time. This gets in a whole cup of vegetables, and 2 servings of fruit in addition. It also gets in some protein from the yogurt.  I like that you can take them with you to-go, too.  You can do them a million different ways, but my 5 essential tips are…

1.) Baby Greens: I used to just use baby spinach in my smoothies, and I had heard of people using kale, but that sounded terrible to me. Until I found baby kale in my grocery store. The baby greens are softer so they blend better, and the taste is much more mild (you really don't notice they're there!) Yay!

2.) Frozen Berries: I freeze my own blueberries from my blueberry bush in my backyard every sumer, but the store bought berries are awesome too. I like all kinds of berries, and frozen peaches & mangos are good too. I used strawberries today. Freezing them makes the smoothie thicker and colder, without having to use ice. 

3.) B-A-N-A-N-A-S: I actually hate bananas by themselves. But in the smoothie, they just add a bit of sweetness in the background. I don't make a smoothie without a banana. 

4.) Vanilla Greek Yogurt: I like the vanilla flavor. I use 2% vanilla greek yogurt, because fat doesn't scare me. I feel like the 2% doesn't taste as strong and tangy as the nonfat. The Tillamook brand is my personal favorite. 

5.) Coconut Water: I like to use coconut water instead of milk, water, or juice. It helps with hydration and is relatively low in sugar. Whatever liquid you like is fine, just make sure you have some sort of liquid. 

This recipe makes a small smoothie, because I think smoothies are more of a snack than a meal. 

1 cup baby kale or baby spinach
1 large handful frozen berries
1/2 cup of vanilla greek yogurt
1 small banana
coconut water, fruit juice, milk or water 

Combine all in a blender and blend until smooth. Drink immediately. Serves one. 

Looks weird, tastes good. 

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